Top 5 Google Ads Mistakes

We are asked every week to take over and manage a Google Ads campaign that has been setup by a client that has not gone well. Anyone can setup a Google Ads campaign? Right? It’s easy – just ask Google. Easy to set up the account incorrectly and cost a client a lot of money, further lining the pockets of the Google Monster.

There is a phenomenal amount of click waste that goes on in Google – stop wasting your marketing dollars on clicks you don’t want.
Following are the Top 5 Mistakes people make when setting up Google Ads.

1. Selecting All Search Networks

Running a campaign on the Google Search Network is completely different to running a campaign on the Google Display network. Google will automatically set you up to run a campaign in both networks. Best practices is to set up two distinct campaigns and run one for the Search network and one for display. Search Network is better for sales/leads and the display network great for branding. This allows you to manage performance and reporting separately with two distinct performance metrics and ROI.

2. Not Setting up Ad Groups for Sets of Like Keywords

Many campaigns we take over have a jumble of keywords all shoved into one ad group.  Ad groups should be setup with distinct sets of like keywords and keyword variations. This will mean you can prepare targeted copy that includes the core keywords increasing your quality score, lowering CPC costs.

3. Not Writing Ad Copy Targeted to each Ad Group

When ad groups are well organised the copy in the ads should reflect the content of each ad group. Use the keywords in your ad group in your copy.

4. Selecting too many Broad Category Keywords

Be specific to your products and services, for example you may sell bedding, but bidding on this term alone could drive lots of untargeted clicks at your expense. Make sure you include the keywords that offer the best conversion possible on your products. What sort of bedding do you sell, baby, cot, flannel, designer, luxury, affordable, hospital, bed wetting. Select the keywords that you want.

5. Not adding Negative Keywords

Now that you have defined the keywords you want it is vital to include the keywords that you don’t want your ads to show for. If you product is not free and you don’t offer free shipping there is no point your ad showing when someone types in free, include this as a negative. Use the Google Keyword tool to find the keywords you want and make a list of all of the ones you don’t want.

There are many more what not to when setting up Google Ads, but these top 5 will believe me save you money.