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Advertising on the Google Search Network

The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear. Google is the market leader in Search Engines, currently averaging around 78% of market share. It is estimated approximately 3.5 billion searches are performed each day so advertising on the Google Search Network is important for helping your business to be found.

The search network is useful for advertisers who want to show their text ads to potential customers right at their moment of need, when they’re actively searching for products or services related to your business. Users may be searching on generic terms relating to your type of product or service, or they can be searching on your brand terms if they are already aware of your business name from other means.

Where Your Google Search Ads Can Appear:

When you run a campaign on the Google Search Network, your ad can show near Google search results and other Google Partner sites when someone searches with terms that are relevant to one of your ad’s keywords. They can appear near the search results on Google Play, Google Shopping, and Google Maps, which includes the Maps app as well as YouTube and other Google sites.

What Type of Ads Can You Run?

The most common type of ads on the Search Network are text ads. These ads appear near search results with an “Ad” label to distinguish them from organic search results. Text ads can show with extensions which allow advertisers to include other relevant business details and features such as phone numbers, locations, unique business features and direct links to specific pages on their website.

Shopping ads are also part of the Google Search Network and can appear separate to and along-side of text ads with a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name, and more.

Google is constantly updating the ad forms available and you can now also run Dynamic Search Ads and Responsive Search Ads which take advantage of Google’s machine learning capabilities.

What are the benefits of advertising on the Google Search Network?

The Search Network allows you to target users when they are actively searching for your product or service. Campaigns can be tailored to any budget and managed closely to achieve the optimum return on investment. Google Search campaigns can be accurately targeted to most efficiently spend your marketing budget and results can provide valuable insights into your consumer’s behaviour and the effectiveness of different campaigns and product or service offerings.

Google Search Network advertising can help you to:

Target users actively searching your product or service

Re-market to users who have previously visited your site and drive loyalty

Increase brand awareness by getting in front of more people more often

Drive additional traffic to your website

Appear more prominently on search result pages and become more “top-of-mind”

Gain insights into who responds to your ads and how they interact with your website by monitoring tracking

More efficiently spend your marketing budget by monitoring and optimising your budget towards the better performing campaigns, demographics and locations

How PayPerClick Can Help

PayPerClick are a Google Premier Partner Agency with a team of Google Certified Campaign Managers experienced in setting up, managing and tracking ad campaigns using the Google Search Network.

The PayPerClick team will work closely with you to define your goals and recommend the best Google Search strategy to achieve them. We will ensure you get the most out of the Google Search Network by most effectively structuring and targeting your campaigns, selecting the most effective bidding strategies, helping you create compelling ad copy, closely tracking and optimising your campaign budget and performance and providing accountable, transparent reporting.

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