digital marketing audit

Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

A Digital Performance Audit empowers marketers to maximise the potential of their marketing efforts through data-driven insights. The audit will establish the current status of a website, its tracking and its digital visibility, and identify issues, evaluate performance, and provide deep insights on what will have the most impact on improving performance.

Audits are Perfect For:

  • Businesses that are spinning a lot of plates in the air and feel like they are not getting the traction or outcomes they think they should be or need to be.
  • Marketing managers moving into a new business or role empowering them with a clear detailed view of digital activity to date and what is working and what is not.
  • Underperforming digital activity or websites when you are not achieving or getting the expected results and you want to know “the why, the what, and the how” to resolve the situation.


Digital Performance Audit Process

Digital success is about the layers, you must have a strong foundation to build upon. The Digital Performance audit has three core phases: consolidate, evaluate, formulate. Each phase and step are designed to systematically and expertly evaluate key factors that impact digital performance.



Consolidate objectives and develop a clear view of the current setup and assets

Establish the core objectives, desired outcomes, and core KPIs. Review all the current and past activity, establish the accuracy and level of detail of the tracking setup. Identify who the core competitors are, and the current digital visibility of the site in the industry landscape.

digital marketing audit


Deep dive into digital activity and evaluate performance

The evaluate phase is a series of individual digital audits that work through detailed checklists reviewing core marketing activities that impact digital visibility and performance. Marketers need to be empowered to know how their marketing activity is performing. The focus and budgets should be weighted to best performing and waste reduced.

digital marketing audit


Analyse the findings, develop a clear strategy approach and plan

The final phase of the digital performance audit is the consolidation of all the findings, the coming together of the big picture view of what success looks like, what needs fixing, and where the opportunities lie. The actions are prioritised and broken into specific tasks over a 12-month plan.

digital marketing audit