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SEO Consulting Services

Established in 2002 PayPerClick have years of experience in the review and optimisation of websites for SEO. During that time, we have seen many websites struggle with loss of rankings and website performance during new website or redesign projects.  Many clients believe their web developers or CMS platforms are optimised for SEO but they don’t establish an SEO Strategy that needs to be developed and applied throughout the technical, structural and content elements of their site.

Sue Blatchford, Head of Search at PayPerClick is passionate about including SEO as a critical part of the marketing and website build processes. Sue has worked with hundreds of Australian companies and developed SEO strategies that enable them to capture and grow ongoing organic traffic for many years.

SEO Consulting is completely tailored to a client’s needs and current situation but covers all aspects of SEO from strategic approach, technical setup, target keywords, information architecture, on page labelling, onsite/offsite linking, SEO team training and performance and analytics.

Sue is available to work with you on your projects with your team and provide hands on guidance and assistance with the best advice to get the most from your website development investment.

SEO Consulting may include:

SEO Technical Consulting to Development – working with the technical development team to ensure all the CMS or platform is technically setup to maximise a websites EO potential. This includes all aspects from robots, sitemaps, meta, multi-language, on page html, and security, structured snippet and more.

SEO Keyword Workshops – running a workshop with your key team members or stakeholders will improve the understanding and importance of SEO but also workshop an agreed strategy and consensus on core business goals and the weighting and importance of keywords and their placement in architecture hierarchy.

SEO Site Architecture – the architecture of site is one of the best opportunities not only to drive good user experience but to apply SEO accurate labelling. Applying an SEO lense to the information architecture can make a fundamental difference to how Google weights and index’s pages within your website.

SEO Performance Reporting – establishing clear strategic objects for rankings and traffic engagement and performance allows you to identify clearly how well your SEO is performing and provide clear opportunities for enhancement and improvement.

How PayPerClick Can Help

Sue Blatchford and the PayPerClick team can consult on your SEO project and provide unbiased best practice, researched recommendations for you to maximise your businesses SEO opportunities.

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