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Advertising on Social Media Channels

Social media platforms allow you to create targeted campaigns ensuring your ads are relevant to its viewers. Becoming visible in the feeds of people who have like attributes and interests or those who already follow your business proves to be a successful model resulting in greater conversions. User information for targeting can include demographics, likes, hobbies, job professions, and a range of other segmenting options.

Although social media signals do not directly impact your position on Google search it is important not to leave out these channels altogether. Social media marketing will not only help boost traffic, but social profiles usually rank higher in search results. Social media platforms are search engines in their own right and people will search not only on Google or Bing but their favourite social media sites as well. Social media business pages provide brand recognition and security for new visitors who like to validate a business before purchasing. Becoming thought leaders in an industry by staying current and posting regular news and events also assists with brand legitimacy.

There are many social media platforms out there to choose from and deciding on the best options for your business should be considered before commencing ad campaigns. Your business goals and objectives should work in line with the platform you choose. You will need to think about which sites your targeted customers spend most of their time on.


Being the most popular social network comes with its benefits in terms of marketing, especially when most of its users are visiting the site on a daily basis. Teenagers to seniors are using the platform making it a reliable choice for most demographics. Users continue to grow and with accurate, measurable statistics and targeted audiences your campaigns can see a great return on investment.

Facebook ad campaigns focus on;

Consideration – sending viewers to your website.

Awareness – increasing reach and brand awareness.

Conversion – driving online or in store conversions.

There are many ad formats to choose from these include; Carousel ads, Video ads, Photo ads, Slideshow ads, Collection ads, Messenger ads & lead ads.


As Instagram is owned by Facebook the same campaign objectives apply; awareness, consideration and conversions. You have the format option of photo, video, carousel and stories ads.

Visual content is a powerful tool in relaying messages to viewers and evoking emotions. Resonating with your audience fosters a good brand relationship and allows you to regularly engage with your community. Interaction through comments and competitions also promotes that community concept and provides companies with great insight into the thoughts of its consumers.


LinkedIn goes beyond just B2B marketing with over 400 million users and detailed targeting that allows you to segment business roles and titles along with all the other standard demographics. You can also target particular companies or industries. Strengthening customer base and awareness along with business contacts can be a win win for businesses. The main campaign objectives are brand awareness, website traffic and leads turning into conversions.

Why Should I invest money into Social Media Networks and not just search?

Commencing with a digital marketing campaign doesn’t have to mean choosing one outlet to solely put your budget to. Putting a small amount into social media platforms can assist with your search campaign messaging and awareness. The importance is placed on choosing the right platforms that align with your business goals.

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