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Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager

Google Analytics provides useful data that can provide insights into website usage and the pathway of a customer. This alone however does come with limitations which is why it is recommended to tag your site and use Google Analytics in combination with Google Tag Manager to gain greater data.

What are the benefits of Google Tag Manager?

  • Easy to use interface – Editing a tag on source code can be discouraging. This is where GTM user friendly interface creates ease by simplifying the process of editing, adding or disabling tags.
  • Greater control – No need for web developers once container is created.
  • GTM is not limited – Tags can be managed on websites, accelerated mobile pages and apps.
  • Test tags before they go live – Being able to test and debug tags before they go live on your website.
  • Container archives – Any changes to a container will be saved with the existing version archived to make it easy to revert if need be.
  • Built-in tags – For those less savvy with coding there are many options to get you started.

Having too many tags on your website can slow down the site. Google Tag Manager can increase the performance and stability of a website whilst managing marketing and remarketing efforts. With the tools to measure analytics, ecommerce and advertisement real time results are achievable.

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics work well together because Google likes Google. With Google Tag Manager you can send data like events and page views to Google Analytics without adding additional code to your site This important information is vital in understanding the customer use of your site and where there are opportunities or constraints lie.

How PayPerClick Can Help

PayPerClick are experienced with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics and can help assist with correct stress-free execution. We can also provide training to allow you to take control.

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