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Google Mobile Campaigns

Mobile advertising campaigns let you reach your customers while they’re on the go. They also allow your business to be present across all stages of the consumer journey, for the full range of needs people have, including in the moments they are ready to buy.

There were more than a trillion searches in 2016 and over half were on mobile so the opportunity to reach potential customers during their purchase journey is huge. When someone picks up their mobile device, chances are they want to learn, do, find, or buy something right now. This is why mobile is critical to businesses as it provides a truly unprecedented opportunity to connect, offer value, and drive sales.

What are the benefits of advertising with Google Mobile Campaigns?

Mobile’s ability to reach customers is unique because its signals can tell advertisers what consumers need in precise micro-moments of time, location, and proximity.

People are heavily reliant on mobile phones for information. Mobile marketing allows you to be there when it matters, with text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube video ads, or in-app ads. Google research sates that 82% of smartphone users search for businesses near them, so mobile advertising gives you the opportunity to reach them at this crucial time with helpful information and real-time relevance.

Google Mobile Campaign Benefits:

  • Ability to target users based on time of day, location and device
  • Cost effective with flexible bidding strategies to maximise your budget
  • Highly measurable with the ability to track of return on investment
  • Users can call directly from your ad using click to call ads increasing convenience for the customer and chances of converting for the advertiser
  • Ability to tailor ad copy and call to actions to encourage conversions based on the time and location of the user
  • Location extensions enable advertisers to provide address and distance to business details from their ads helping to encourage visits from nearby users

How PayPerClick Can Help

PayPerClick are a Google Premier Partner Agency with a team of Google Certified Campaign Managers experienced in setting up, managing and tracking Google Mobile campaigns. The PayPerClick team will work closely with you to define your goals and recommend the best Google Mobile advertising strategy to achieve them.

We will ensure you get the most out of your media budget by closely tracking and optimising your campaign budget and performance and providing accountable, transparent reporting.

We can also provide a review on how mobile friendly your website is and give advice on how to improve the mobile-friendliness of your website.

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