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Content Audit

What is a content inventory audit?

A Content Inventory Audit is a quantitative and qualitative look at the existing website size and structure, how it is organised and where it is stored.

The content audit collates together all the information and assets on a website and creates a map that can be used to develop new information architecture in new site migration.


Inventory Procedure Activities

Customised software will crawl site and extract key data.

Import and order information by content topic.

Identify the key sections of the site and sub-sections.

Develop labelling nomenclature with which to map the content.

Produce an existing site architecture map.

Identify broken links and errors.

Qualitative Content Audit

Once all of the known information is collected and grouped in an inventory spreadsheet, it can then be analysed from a “content perspective” looking specifically at the quality and value of each page, the information grouping, target audience, relevance, content patterns and relationships.

Audit Methodology

To conduct the Qualitative Audit for all of the content collated in the content inventory requires a manual review of all key pages of content on the site. An experienced Information Architect will review the content mapping to a customised criteria to give deep insight and analysis.


The audit will identify:

Audience, genre, category, types.

Formats, web, PDF, intranet, static, dynamic.

Relationships, pathways and related information.

ROT: This acronym stands for Redundant, Outdated or Trivial. Identify content that should be removed or could cause issues.

Benefits of a Content Inventory Audit

Organisations that are looking to develop a new website or have identified issues with content publishing on their current site should conduct regular content inventory audits to ensure that old content is removed and reduce the risk of publication that no longer supports brand or that could cause legal issues.


Develop clean IA for new website development.

Reduce risk of legal/social issues by removing out of date content.

Develop better site interlinking and improve usability.

Develop clear pathways to conversion.

Manage sites where multiple people have authoring access.

Produce a professional clean website.

Ensure content that should no longer be published is removed from the Google search results.

How PayPerClick can help

PayPerClick will prepare a customised solution and pricing based on website/intranet content size and the specific project outcomes. The content audit is supplied in easily accessible formats such as spreadsheets with instructions, recommendations and an overview presentation.

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