Important Changes to Google Ad Grants for 2018: are you compliant?

Google Ad Grants is a donation program that provides up to $10,000 advertising per month to eligible Non-Profit organizations. In 2018, there has been new changes to the Google Ad Grants ad requirements. Here is what you need to know if your Google Grants Ad is compliant:

5% CTR requirement

Your account must have a minimum 5% CTR which may change your campaign strategy Your account must maintain a 5 percent click-through rate for two consecutive months or your account will be deactivated.

Single-word keywords

Google Grants encourages your campaigns to have specific keywords. Single keywords that are too broad or generic, are now prohibited in your Google Grants account. Bare in mind that if your brand name is a single word, Google Grants will accept this as a single keyword.

$2 max bid cap lifted

The $2 max bid cap has been removed, giving you more freedom to bid competitively and spend your full budget.

Keywords with a quality score of 2 or above

All keywords must have a quality score of 2 or higher. When reviewing keyword quality scores, you can optimize in multiple ways:

  • Creating custom and relevant landing pages for the keywords you are targeting.
  • Revise your Ad Copy to ensure it is relevant to the target keywords.

Account Structure

Your overall account structure needs to be assessed and potentially restructured. In order to do so:

  • Ensure your location targeting is relevant to your organization.
  • Check that you have 2 Ad Groups which have at least 2 ads within the group and each Ad Group must have 2 sitelink extensions.

If your account has been deactivated because it’s no longer compliant. You can request reinstatement after making the above changes.

For more assistance with your Google Grants Campaigns during this change in procedure and policy, contact Pay Per Click to check your compliance and avoid your campaign being turned off.