The Benefits of Google Ads New Interface

The transition towards the new Google Adwords comes with a new name “Google Ads” and a dashboard experience with newer capabilities and a phase out of a few previous resources. The main purpose of this change is to help assist advertisers with the ever-growing complexities of paid search advertising by providing greater insights and data tracking to increase performance in an extremely competitive landscape.

Google Ads Automation Strategies

With the push towards automation ever increasing the understanding of machine learning and its capabilities are a concern for advertisers. These time saving features offer a lot of potential benefit in allowing advertisers to focus on strategy and insights rather than manual daily changes. Apprehension of letting go of the rains and allowing a machine knows best strategy can be difficult. Drastic changes could hinder longstanding campaigns performance and it is advised that changes should be made incrementally. Using the drafts and experiments tool users can develop duplicate campaigns with new strategies in line with Google’s automation strategy recommendations. Thus, preventing potential losses or implementation backfires in the process of moving over to automation.

New Interface Features & Benefits

The new interface dashboard provides an overview of insights into all accounts which feature customizable data displays for your given selected time period.

  • Below the ‘overview’ tab lies ‘recommendations’ which provides optimization advise based on current performance and campaign goals. Custom dashboards is another feature that allows you to combine the most important data metrics into a customizable form. With real time tracking this allows advertisers to pick up trends and strategize faster and more accurately.
  • The ‘dimensions tab’ now named ‘predefined reports’ provides the same information as previous however you now have the option to view graphically, creating an easier data comprehension experience.
  • Specific campaign recommendations are another way to optimize campaigns using Google’s machine learning insights. The ability to review and apply suggestions relevant to each campaign is a feature that is easy to comprehend and remains the control in the user as not all suggestions are appropriate.

New Interface Challenges

The modifications are not without some challenges to the functionality that can be timely to adopt.

  • The main concern with the new interface is the slower load time which we are all hoping will be fixed by Google as the old interface was more responsive.
  • Keyword Planner originally integrated ideas and searches per month stats allowing as many keywords as you’d like to be entered. Now the keyword ideas and forecasts are separated with a limit of 10 keywords at a time for ‘find keywords’. The keyword research tool, ‘get search volume and forecasts’ provides historical data and predictions allowing you to enter all your keywords to examine potential performance stats and play around with max CPC bids to fit within your budget plan.
  • Column settings were not brought across to the new interface resulting in advertisers having to reset and modify the columns again.


With many concerns over the new interface and its introduction it is important to remember it is a process of adoption that takes avid users a while to adjust to. Utilizing all the new features will assist in eliminating prior concerns and permit for a more detailed assessment of strategies not just after the campaign has ended but during the process, giving room to real time changes that can have a great impact on performance.