15 Years’ Experience in Travel and Accommodation

PayPerClick specialises in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for the travel and accommodation industry. We total over 15 years’ experience managing and optimising for a vast array of accommodation clients across all levels. Our portfolio of clients ranges from independent boutique hotels to large and complex budget franchises to high-end luxury accommodation brands.

The accommodation sector has its own unique set of challenges from high competition to low or limited awareness. Over the past 15 years, PayPerClick has created and perfected specific strategies to suit the intricacies of the accommodation market and each client’s circumstances – over 900 hotels in Australia under the following brands:

  • Marriott
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Pan Pacific Asia Pacific
  • SilverNeedle Hotels
  • Sebel
  • Quarantine Station
  • Sea Temple
  • Lancemore Group
  • Alpha Hotels
  • Citigate
  • Quest
  • Clarion
  • Country comfort
  • Quality suites

We are particularly skilled in finding the niche or specific opportunities for each property, by building visibility and exposure and supporting existing or new hotels or brands. We are constantly seeking the optimal strategy for each individual property/location, creating tailored campaigns and developing a strategy with the highest potential for ROI and goal achievement.

We are an Australian-based organisation with a dedicated team of professionals with multiple skill sets and deep knowledge and understanding of the hotel and accommodation markets nationally and globally. We pride ourselves on the longevity and consistency of our key team leaders and our ongoing commitment to our hotel clients.


Our Services:

Website Development for Hotels

In such a competitive industry, PayPerClick understands the need to stand out from the crowd.

We work with travel and hotel clients to develop a long-term SEO strategy, with a well-designed and functional website that offers a great user experience to maximise the opportunity to capture bookings seamlessly.

According to recent research by Google, with the growth of mobile 88% of travellers with smartphones would switch to another site or app if yours doesn’t satisfy their needs. We ensure websites are Google-friendly meeting Google’s SEO Best Practices and ultimately providing the best user experience for your customers.

We are platform agnostic which has given us the experience to work with multiple content management systems and hotel booking engines such as; SiteMinder, TheBookingButton and TravelClick. Whether you have platforms in mind or are looking for recommendations we will work with you on the journey to creating the best website for your hotel now and into the future.

Search Engine Optimisation for Hotels

Hotels operate in a highly competitive market including a multitude of other brands in their local and national environment, therefore standing out in search engines takes very specific skills. PayPerClick specialises in developing a prioritised strategy for hotel clients’ SEO program, which includes a full review of website content and structure, ranking benchmark against competitors and implementation of the recommended strategies.

Search Engine Marketing for Hotels

Google AdWords Campaign management

In the paid search space, hotels are competing against numerous factors with colossal online marketing budgets, such as large hotel chains, third-party booking websites and OTAs. To match such large players, PayPerClick uses our extensive hotel and accommodation experience to develop specific strategies, maximising return on investment and operating at a local and granular level where these big players don’t have the ability to operate.

Google Search

Every campaign structure is unique to the hotel and brand and developing a strategy involves the following:

  • Define goals and objects
  • Review property / location / market segments
  • Find opportunities/target keywords
  • Analyse the competition (locally, online, OTAs etc.)
  • Establish and setup tracking
  • Set goal and ROI expectations
  • Optimisation, reporting and opportunities

Using display campaigns is very effective in fostering and increasing brand awareness. PayPerClick can help you reach out to clients outside of your existing customer base, by tapping into an array of display networks, spanning across millions of websites globally.


Travellers visit dozens of sites before making a booking. PayPerClick can build and implement a remarketing and retargeting strategy that will keep your brand and property in top of your site’s visitors’ minds and bring them back to complete their booking or make new ones.

Social Remarketing

PayPerClick can also implement advertising campaigns specifically targeted at your past visitors within their social media channels. You can identify visitors who got to the booking stage and left before completing their booking, then run a targeted ad based on their behaviour. For example, you could offer a Facebook-exclusive discount or room upgrade as an incentive for them to complete their booking.


PayPerClick has extensive experience in managing social media advertising campaigns for hotel clients. Through social media ads’ sophisticated targeting capabilities, we can reach specific audiences at a very granular level of targeting, maximising return on investment. With a very high penetration rate (the average audience spends over an hour on social media every day) social media allow us to reach an audience far beyond what other channels allow.


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