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Is Paid Search Dead?

We’ve been in the Search Engine Marketing business for over 15 years and today, we find ourselves increasingly challenged by our existing and potential customers on whether or not Paid Search, particularly on Google, has had its heyday and is still relevant.

When Paid Search was in its infancy, it was a fairly straight forward equation and a cost effective one too, the tool is free to use and you are only getting charged for clicks, so it quickly gained in popularity amongst the marketing community. Companies big and small were happy to get their hands dirty and have a try at setting up and managing their own campaigns themselves. But as the trend grew and adoption rates greatly increased, it became more and more complex and required a lot more skill to cut through the competition and maintain ROI targets. Google Ads have also become an incredibly smarter and more complex tool to use, with countless and regular updates to the platform and rules that govern it.Google Ads | Digital Marketing | PayPerClick

The increasing popularity of the channel came with an inevitable rise in cost of running campaigns, caused by the limited availability of ad space and the volume of competitors bidding against each other over the most desirable keywords.

Today, every company with an online presence should have Paid Search on the list – simply put, everyone is doing it so if you don’t you will be left out and potentially let your competitors take on your market share, or even your brand terms.

Because Paid Search has become more competitive and expensive doesn’t mean it has stopped being profitable, companies need to get smarter and include Paid Search within a broader marketing strategy that spans across multiple online and offline channels.

Paid Search can still translate into positive returns on investment and remains one of the fundamentals to your marketing toolbox. It should work in line with your other marketing activities and channels and be part of a broader strategy.

But how can you keep up with the constantly evolving channel? Your paid search activity is best managed by experts in the field. They can advise you on strategy, set up your targets and budgets, build and manage your campaigns, save you lots of time, headache and money by reducing click waste, and keep you up to speed with the ever changing and ever more complex environment.

Paid Search is simply not going away, a staggering 96% of all searches done in Australia are on Google Ads, which is where most of Google’s revenue is coming from. They invest heavily on the platform to make it smarter and help companies drive results through the channel. The greatest benefit of Google Ads is people have direct intent or interest and are actively searching for your product or services. Besides, its integration with Google Analytics also makes it one of the most quantifiable ways of spending your marketing dollars and track the results with great accuracy.