daily trend sheets eye on the prize

Daily Trend Sheets – Eye on the Prize

Every client at PayPerClick has a daily trend sheet. CHECK THE DAILY… is the morning catchphrase. The daily Looker Studio Report shows client performance day by day for last 30 days: impressions, clicks, transactions, conversion, revenue and ROAS. This way you can quickly see if a campaign suddenly drops off or starts to trend downward. The report also shows month on month data – so you can quickly see the budget pacing and performance trending for each month. This is the easiest and quickest way to pick up any anomalies.

FFS – For FORMS Sake – Who is Getting the Forms?

Lead generation campaigns rely on forms. There are many ways forms can be set up in websites or apps, sent to an email, stored within the website, or integrated through relationship management tools such as HubSpot or Salesforce. The important fact here is to know what method is being used and to regularly validate the data. Tracking form submissions is critical to establishing a cost per lead, per channel. It’s very easy for there to be a disconnect in the form process, through changes to the website, issues with mail servers or unknown pesky IT gremlins.

Challenge the Sales Process – Hello?

Accountability for leads. As marketers we can see leads are going through to the clients, but the feedback is sometimes vague comments of low quality and not being real leads. We need to understand the full sales process, what sales activation happens after a lead comes in? How long does it take to call, qualify, perform a demo. Is there a nurture program? Sales teams need to be able to count and ascertain each lead as prospect, non-genuine, or lost. High volumes of non-genuine leads need to be communicated back to marketing make changes to audience targeting, keywords or use the ad copy or landing page to qualify out further.

Data Verification – Cross Check Data

Monthly data verification on leads, transactions, and revenue are key. Clients should use every monthly report they get to validate the data from their end.  There are so many reasons that performance, tracking and business outcomes can be impacted. The most important part is ensuring the data that everyone is working off is accurate.

  • How many leads did the campaigns count vs how many leads ended up in the sales system.
  • Total transactions and revenue in analytics need to be validated against CRM and ecommerce platforms (refunds not counted).

Verify that the conversions, leads, or transactions recorded by your tracking tools match the actual records in your backend databases.