why do we have no website traffic


There are a lot of layers of complexity in digital marketing – we have to constantly keep our eyes on the ball. Digital performance is critical to many businesses. Campaign, customer experience, tech and sales all need to be functioning well. When things break, or the wheels come off – which will happen – you need to have the setup and systems in place to pick it up and quickly resolve.

Marketing, Sales & IT Work – Better Together

There are two sides to every story, sometimes even three. Marketing, Sales and IT. Together they make dreams come true – apart, they are rival gangs from West Side Story. When performance drops – is it the marketing campaigns or an issue with the user journey (broken links), or site functionality?

Calling it out – Digital Hero

Ultimately the hero here must be the team that diligently picks up anomalies, is annoying and asks the questions and constantly does data verification to ensure the tracking is accurately reflecting the reality. Digital responsibility belongs to all of us who work in digital.