How is Your Form?

Optimising Lead Generation Forms

There are many factors that contribute to a good conversion rate for a lead generation campaign and right at the pointy end of the stick is the lead gen form.
The best use of forms is to embed them in a landing page reducing the friction in trying to find the call to action and having to make another click.

Forms should be customised for the customer journey – never combine sales, service or contacts into one form.
If you have multiple services, be sure to pre-populate the service based on the journey and not have long drop downs for people to select from.

What is the title of your form? Be really clear on the purpose and process that will happen after the form is completed. Get in Touch, Contact – are too generic for lead generation. Measure your forms conversion rate, how many views to how many submissions. Optimise and improve your form as an active part of your marketing activity.

Tips to Optimise Your Form
  1. Include short forms on landing pages.
  2. Make form call to action specific not generic.
  3. Clearly title your forms purpose. Request a quote. Book a Demo.
  4. Supply information on what to expect upon form completion.
  5. Ensure you form is being tracked.
  6. Reduce mandatory fields to the essentials.
  7. Regularly test your forms are working.
  8. Make the captcha simple.
  9. Optimise your forms.
  10. Follow up within 24 hours.

One other important point – if there IS A MANDATORY requirement – ie. the customer needs to insert a serial number to be able to successfully submit. You need to highlight clearly what they will need. There is nothing more frustrating then nearly completing your form and finding you need to get more information.

Send me your form link – and I will give you some feedback!