5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates

You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

As Digital Marketers we are constantly working to improve website conversion rates. Turning the dial up and increasing conversion rates can have a great impact on leads, sales and ROAS.

Before we jump straight in on how to improve it – we must understand a conversion rate is ONLY as good as the quality of traffic you are driving to the site and the customer experience and your call to action on your website. Assuming you have a good product offering at a competitive price.

We need to review and understand the traffic source, the traffic intention and take the customer journey.

Recently a client complained that they had a terrible conversion rate, and they had been told they need a new website. HOLD THE HORSE… I said – is the site broken? The answer was no. Can you complete sales on the site? The answer was yes. So why was the conversion rate so low? Well, upon reviewing the data in Google Analytics it turned out they were running top of the funnel brand awareness programmatic campaign that was driving traffic to content that had no conversion action. The campaign’s purpose was not to drive sales. The website total conversion rate outside of this campaign was considered average. The point being you really need to know WHY you conversion rate – is what it is – before you can decide on what needs fixing.

For this client, we did find ways to improve the conversion rate – lifting the CTA above the fold and reducing the clicks to the products – as well as adding some CTA’s and product placements on the pages the programmatic traffic was coming too. It all made a difference.

Top 5 Tips to improve your conversion rate.
  1. Reduce the number of Clicks to your CTA.
  2. Ensure CTA above the page fold.
  3. Revise the CTA Message. Request a Quote, Get Demo vs Contact Us or Get in Touch.
  4. Reduce form fields and mandatory forms.
  5. Review the traffic sources and improve traffic intent quality.

Giddy up!