Top Digital Creative Mistakes

Does your Digital Creative Convert?

Everyone gets super passionate and opinionated when it comes to creative. What is good creative and what is bad creative can be quite subjective. Like everyone, I love a good design – however a lot of creative treatments that come across my desk from clients and design agencies lack the key elements that will make it convert digitally.

“When it comes to digital creative –  people today have the attention span of a gnat.”

Online, there is so much noise coming at you, so creative must stand out and convey a clear singular message and call to action within a few seconds.

Don’t make them think – make it obvious.
You are standing too close

The main problem is the client or agency get too close to the campaign or are so busy being creative they have dismissed the essential elements. You need to step back and think of how the creative will present digitally alongside a million others. How can you convey a message in an instant?

Top Digital Creative Mistakes

1. Talking Too Top-Line –

A lot of creative campaigns come up with clever taglines that are editorial in nature or sayings that convey a sentiment – that without context quite literally has no meaning. Following are list of 4 current taglines for campaigns:
• Faster than a reality TV relationship – Telstra
• Totally Ready for this – Colgate
• I can so I did – Revlon
• The Holidays Handled – Dan Murphy

Without product images or logos – its not obvious what these taglines represent. One of my favourite sayings is “call a banana, a banana”. People often avoid using obvious language – for no obvious reason. You have literally a second to convey what your need to. Keep the message brutally simple.

2. Missing Key Facts – What, Where, When?

I find this one the most frustratingly obvious mistake. For example, you are promoting a theatre production and the creative is missing key elements – such season dates – the location and key facts such as genre or what type of show is it? Cabaret, comedy, musical, hip hop, classical… The goal of marketing is to attract an audience that will want to engage with the content, not just get traffic. Give them the FACTS FAST.

3. The Image is misleading –

A picture tells a thousand words – or does it? When you have a split second to get someone’s attention your best bet is to show an image that visually represents the product, service, artist, location etc. When selling products, it’s pretty obvious, show pictures of the product. The image should convey a clear sharp singular message. Services and solutions can be a little trickier – so the copy that supports the image is critical.

4. Poor Readability –

Too much, too little, too light. Copy that lacks contrast, is poorly spaced and sized too small that is hard to read. Remember you don’t have much room, so the design and formatting of the copy is critical for easy readability and comprehension. The most important element is conveying the message.

5. No Clear Call to Action –

In most campaigns we want the creative to drive an action – so where possible be clear what people need to do next. This is the beginning of their journey and generally there is not much room so a simple button which looks clickable with: Learn More, Buy Tickets, Book Demo, Download, Save 30% etc. Including a call to action differentiates a creative tile and defines it as an ad and not a just a banner or design image.