Online Retail

PayPerClick have helped many online business with their digital marketing.

Our team work with clients to ensure that their digital media budgets are targeted in the most efficient way and are targeting and reaching the potential customers that matter to them the most.

E-commerce sites rely heavily on search campaigns to reach customers ‘in market’ searching for their products or services. Our Google Ads Certified team are experienced in running Google Ads Search and Shopping Campaigns and ensure your search campaigns are providing you with the best possible ROI.

Some of the benefits of Google Ads Shopping campaigns include; attracting more qualified leads to click on your ad which helps increase your ROI, you are only charged when a user clicks on your ad and Shopping ads generally achieve a higher click through rate than standard search ads, your reach is increased as Shopping ads can appear as both text and image ads at the same time doubling your exposure on search results pages and you can identify insights and growth opportunities through powerful performance data.

Our team can help you define a strategy for your Google Shopping Campaign, find your niche audience and effectively target them, structure your campaign to best reflect your product offering, gather and load required campaign assets, manage campaign budgets and optimise for maximum return on media investment.