Food, Wine & Dining / Hospitality

PayPerClick have provided digital marketing solutions for several clients in The Hospitality, Food and Wine Industries including Manta Restaurant & Bar, Molo Bar, Zip Water and Vestal by Zip.

Our team are highly experienced in managing paid search and display campaigns which can be used to increase brand awareness, generate leads and bookings and drive other areas of business such as function and wedding enquiries.

We are a highly responsive team and able to efficiently deal with tactical changes to campaigns in response to issues such as seasonal fluctuations in business, competitor activity and meeting revenue targets to maximise your return on investment.

We also provide strategies aimed at driving brand awareness and engagement through display campaigns, programmatic, content marketing and outreach marketing. With so many different channels available to marketers, we can help navigate the plethora of options available and recommend the best strategy for your campaign to achieve your specific goals.

Website development, SEO reviews and recommendations are another key service clients in the Food, Wine and Hospitality Industries engage our team in to maximise the quantity and quality of traffic to sites through organic search engine results.

We also manage the social media for several hotel clients helping them to build brand awareness and increase engagement within their audiences. We work with our clients to establish a social media strategy helping to define objectives and goals and aligning these within your overall marketing strategy. We manage everything from the creation of a social media content calendar and posting schedule and manage the implementation, analysis and optimisation of social campaigns to use the budget most efficiently.