content audits

Content Audits – Why You Need One Now!

A content audit is a quantitative and qualitative look at the existing digital assets for a business or website, reviewing the sizes, structure, and how they are organised and stored. This process is essential for organisations, especially those that have large volumes of published digital content on one or multiple sites.

Most businesses only consider doing a content audit when they are in the processes of a redesign – but really, this task should be a regular one on your website maintenance or marketing calendar. YES, it’s a marketing task, because poor content that has digital visibility impacts your brand.

Here are the reasons why you need one now

Top Organic Entry Pages

Marketers often forget that visitors don’t always arrive on the home page of your website and work through your content the way you designed them to. In fact, if you have done a great job on your SEO they could arrive on literally any page of your site. But what if that page is old and out of date? Say for example a blog post from 2014 with a previous ambassador was ranking on page one of Google for your key product and let’s say that page didn’t have a link to your top product. Sounds terrible? Well, it’s a fact that most people will cringe and squirm when they review the top pages that were driving organic traffic – that is free traffic coming in day after day having a less than amazing experience with your brand. These ranking pages with lots of traffic – could also be dragging down your conversion rate. A Content Audit can quickly reveal the culprits and allow you the opportunity to update and rework the pages – generally, we don’t delete them, especially if they have established a solid ranking in Google. Send me an email if you would like to look at your top entry pages.

Out of Date & Redundant Content

Some things are just wrong. Wrong pricing, wrong specs, archived products, old events, wrong advice. This can really be an issue for business, false advertising is a problem with the ACCC and what is online is a public representation of your business. I will never forget the meeting I had with a marketing manager in a large corporate wealth organisation. I was presenting audit findings that showed several pages that had been unlinked from the website but were still live in the Google index. These were financial advice pages that were WRONG. Now I have never had someone RUN at high speed out of a meeting while it was still running to get the IT into the meeting to remove the pages as a matter of “urgency”. The devil is in the detail and there is a difference between UNLINKING and UNPUBLISHING content.

What goes up must come down.

Benefits of a content inventory audit

Regular content inventory audits to ensure that old content is removed, reducing the risk of publishing content that no longer supports the brand or that could cause legal issues.

  • Develop clean inventory for a new website development
  • Reduce the risk of legal / social issues by removing out-of-date content
  • Develop better site interlinking and improve the usability
  • Develop clear pathways to conversion
  • Manage sites where multiple people have authoring access
  • Produce a professional clean website
  • Manage indexed pages in Google