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GA4 Stole July: Navigating the Labyrinth

July 2023 Newsletter – Better Late Than Never

Greetings, digital crusaders! Welcome to the latest edition of the PayPerClick Newsletter, where we embark on a comical journey through the month that was seemingly pilfered by none other than Google itself. Grab your capes, because this issue is all about our valiant efforts to conquer the enigmatic realm of GA4 – the Rubik’s Cube of the digital marketing universe.

As intrepid digital marketers, we’re akin to modern-day chameleons, seamlessly adapting to the ever-shifting landscape of technology. Armed with our superhero capes (and maybe a caffeine IV drip), we zoom through the digital cosmos, wielding our PPC powers to navigate platforms, outpace trends, and conquer conversion quests. We troubleshoot, optimise, and decode the cryptic signals of pixel tracking, all while juggling industry benchmarks like a seasoned circus performer.

We’ve honed our skills to predict trends like Nostradamus and hustle like there’s no tomorrow – because let’s be honest, there probably isn’t – for a true marketer’s work is never done.


Ah, GA4 – the elusive unicorn that Google has been parading before us for what feels like a lifetime. In the midst of our usual digital acrobatics, we were presented with the opportunity to unravel the enigma that is GA4. As valiant adventurers, we embraced the challenge with open arms, upskilling, and even calling in reinforcements from the GA4 Jedi Council. After all, at PayPerClick, we adhere to the motto “Forge ahead or meet a pixelated demise.”

But oh, what a tangled web we encountered! In some instances, the transition was as smooth as a moonlit waltz, with minor hiccups that appeared like graceful pirouettes. Yet, in the realm of others, it was a tempestuous whirlwind of confusion, a waltz of data discrepancies that defied all rational explanation.

As we raise our glasses to the month that has passed, let us not forget the intricacies, the challenges, and the indomitable spirit that define our journey through the GA4 maze and the real challenges faced by all as we move into the new era on digital earth.


About 37.9 Million Websites Use Google Analytics

But in all seriousness..


GA4, has been subject to various criticisms and challenges since its introduction. Some of the main problems associated with GA4 include:

  • Data Discrepancies and Disruptions: Users have reported instances of data discrepancies and disruptions in GA4. These inconsistencies can affect the accuracy of analytics, leading to difficulties in making informed decisions based on the data.
  • Learning Curve and Interface Complexity: The user interface of GA4 has been a common source of frustration. Many users have found it challenging to navigate and understand, leading to a steep learning curve for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Limited Historical Data: GA4’s transition from Universal Analytics (UA) has raised concerns about the availability of historical data. Some users have experienced limitations in accessing and comparing historical data, which can impact trend analysis and performance evaluation.
  • Reduced Customisation Options: While GA4 introduces new features, some users have noted a reduction in customization options compared to the previous version. This has led to difficulties in tailoring analytics to specific business needs.
  • Removal of Views – The removal of views in GA4 has sparked concerns on how to setup and manage GA4 for multi-countries for users who were accustomed to this feature. Without the ability to create separate views, users might find it more complex to filter and analyse data for specific segments. Instead of views, GA4 emphasizes the use of reporting based on events, user properties, and parameters to achieve similar insights.